Sustainable Development Policy

I. Introduction

The Management Board of ReOil Sp. z o.o. is fully aware of the need to promote a long-term development strategy based on the principles of corporate social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, the satisfaction of customers, employees and the respect of the local community are equally important to us, no less important than high profits.

Responsible business is a management strategy that allows us to minimize risk and maximize the chance for the success of our company in the long term. It is also the ability to run the company in such a way as to increase its positive contribution to the development of society and at the same time minimize the negative effects of business activity. Responsible business also means the way we treat market participants on a daily basis: customers and business partners, employees and the entire local community. The role of a responsible employer is one of the ambitious and serious tasks for the Company’s Management Board that have been carried out since the beginning of the Company’s operation. ReOil timely settles obligations towards employees, as well as public and legal obligations towards the tax office, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and civil and legal obligations towards contractors.

II. Quality policy in ReOil Sp. z o.o.

ReOil cares about the satisfaction of its customers. All products sold by us and introduced into production meet international quality standards, taking into account the individual needs of customers and the requirements of a dynamically developing market.

The three key pillars of the quality policy in our company are:

People – a team of professional ReOil employees engaged in manufacturing the highest quality products meeting individual customer requirements;

Technology and innovation – constant investment in technological development and management systems that guarantee reliable execution of orders and enable continuous enrichment of ReOil’s product offer;

Customer relations – clear rules of cooperation, individual order processing, partnership contacts ensuring the highest level of satisfaction and homeland of ReOil’s customers.

III. Employee aspects

In our personnel policy, we strictly observe the principles of equal treatment of employees and non-discrimination based on gender, race, origin, age or disability. Equal access to work is manifested above all by equal, officially known recruitment principles, equal pay for equal work, transparent Remuneration Regulations, equal access to training and social benefits system.

We are aware of the fact that the greatest capital in our company are employees. In order to invest in their skills, we direct our employees to a number of training courses. We provide both internal and internal trainings.

IV. Pro-environmental aspects

ReOil Sp. z o.o. is a company whose production process, thanks to the use of the most modern security devices and filters, is not associated with a nuisance to the natural environment.

All investments undertaken by ReOil are thoroughly analyzed in terms of their potential impact on the environment and the most sustainable option is selected.

V. Selection criteria for suppliers

As part of the implementation of the sustainable development policy, the Company takes into account environmental criteria when making purchases and cooperating with subcontractors. In terms of cooperation with suppliers, the Company has defined priorities which are considered during the selection and conclusion of agreements with given business partners. They include them:

– Results of acceptance control of deliveries;

– Product quality;

– Timeliness of deliveries;

– Delivery of documents certifying the required product quality;

– General terms and conditions of cooperation;

– Observance of environmental criteria by suppliers (eco-label, ISO 14001).

VI. Summary

On the basis of the information presented above, it should be stated that ReOil Sp. z o.o. implements the multifaceted Sustainable Development Policy.

What is more, it is very important for our company to communicate reliably with the environment about the values that guide us. In this way, we want to mitigate the widespread phenomenon in Poland, which is the lack of promotion of activities undertaken in this field by enterprises. In this way, the development of responsible business in Poland is blocked – many enterprises do not inform a wider group of interested parties about their pro-ecological and social activities. ReOil promotes its activities in this field, directing its message to various groups of recipients.

We believe that the implementation of this strategy will allow us not only to increase the level of customer satisfaction with our products, which will translate into winning loyal customers, but will also contribute to maintaining a positive reputation of our company, greater involvement and effectiveness of our employees and relations with the local community and local authorities, which will certainly result in mutual benefits.